Les lauréats de l’exposition We are the world de Paris en décembre 2023

Category 5-9 years Old
1st placeYi Xi LiuChina
2nd placeJeevan Cambridgaste       Indonesia
3rd placeWilliam Gosier            USA
Line MasterRuby Wang                   USA
Master of CompositionTing-His Chen                       Taiwan
Master of MovementPin-Rou Chang                       Taiwan
Master of EmotionsMindy Leu En En                   Malaysia
The Best IdeaAdam Mu Yan Chen             Malaysia

Category 10-13 years old
1st placeSijia Ella Li            Germany
2nd placeLi Lira                   Kazakhstan
3rd placeVictoria Vladi           United Kingdom  
Line MasterChong Yin Xin               Malaysia
Master of ColorRichella Nathalie Tjhong     Indonesia
Master of CompositionBayan Duissebek                     Kazakhstan
Master of MovementChang-Ching Liu                     Taiwan
The best digital ArtworkEmilia Paulauskaite                United Kingdom
Master of EmotionsLinnea Hallberg                   Germany

Category 14-17 years old
1st placeZhanna Bekbossynova      Kazakhstan
2nd placeSiyi Emma Li              Germany
3rd placeEvgeniya Logvinova        Russia
Line MasterXinai Zhou                  Germany
Master of ColorDavid Goh Yi Hen              Malaysia
Master of CompositionKishorekumaar A/L Paniraj Malaysia
Master of MovementPierre-Louis Gaspard        France
The best digital artworkXiaonan Wang                      Germany
Master of EmotionsTaissiya Shapran                  Kazakhstan