We Are The World’s Exposition

For the first time in Kazakhstan !

On November 13, at 3:00 p.m., the Opera of Astana (Kazakhstan) will host the inauguration of the large-format international exhibition of children’s drawings We are the World, which brings together talented children from different countries.

This flagship event will allow young artists to express themselves loud and clear, share their vision of the world and present their luminous works.

Our exhibitions are recognized as the most prestigious children’s drawing exhibitions in the world and are held in major cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, Moscow, Dubai, Beijing, London. And the geography is getting bigger! Given the success of this edition, registration requests are extended until November 5th. 

We invite art schools, art studios and children who like to draw to join the project.

We have the honor to present you our jury of professionals in Kazakhstan:

Information for participants:

1. Age of participants: 5-17 years old (3 age groups: 5-9 years old, 10-13 years old and 14-17 years old, students)

2. Artwork format: A3 (thick watercolour paper, canvas )

3. The artwork materials: coloured pencils, markers, watercolour, acrylic, ink, oil or gouache.

4.The participant sends photo of the artwork by email. We print it on watercolor paper for the exhibition.

5. Participation fee 45 € (Standard), 130 € (Gold)

Standard 45 € includes:

  1. Printing size A3 on watercolor paper
  2. Participation in one exhibition, except for laureates whose works will take part in subsequent exhibitions of the current year to the end of the year
  3. International diploma of the exhibition

Gold 130 € includes:

  1. Printing size A3 on watercolor paper according to the size of your original drawing
  2. Participation in this exhibition and in all subsequent exhibitions till the end of the year
  3. International diplomas of all exhibitions
  4. Receiving a personal certificate/letter of thanks
  5. Publication of a picture on a website or in social networks 
  6. Participation in digital art gallery

Register here.

Exhibition in Astana Opera, Kazakhstan, November 13, 2022

  1. Drawings are accepted until November 5, 2022.
  2. At the end of the exhibition, each participant will receive a diploma.


  1. Read the conditions
  2. Register and upload your drawing in good quality (JPG or PNG format, max size 6M)
  3. Pay the participation fees

Registration until November 5, 2022.

Please send us photos in good quality electronic format (jpg, pdf, png). The designs will be printed on matte paper in A3 (Standard).Along with confirmation that your drawing is accepted, you receive an invoice for the participation (if artwork is not selected for the exhibition, payment is not taken).

If you live in Astana or other city of Kazakstan and want to come to the event in November, your child will be able to attend the awards show and receive a diploma in person from the organizers. If this is not possible, we will send the diploma by e-mail.

The best works will be selected to participate in the next “We are the World” 2022 exhibitions.

Exhibition in L.A. – May, 26

Exhibition in Dubaï – June 2022

On June 8, Opus Tower, Dubai hosted a colorful event, the national selection round of the international exhibition of children’s drawings We are the World. The representative of our project in Dubai, Aigul Kuptsova, chose a chic venue, which was kindly provided to us by partners from the Richmond House company, and perfectly organized the exhibition.

Children from the UAE, accompanied by their parents and teachers, came to the graduation ceremony.

The award ceremony was attended by:

 Guests of honor: 

  • His excellency Sheikh Awad Mohamed bin Muzhren, 
  • And Abdullah Almubarak, 
  • Stephanie Gaspard (Paris), President of the Cultural Diplomacy Association and founder of the project 
  • Karine Danielyan (London), representative of We are the World in the UK, 
  • The jury, which included artists from the UAE.


Media partners: UWILL, WOW MAGAZINE, DUBAI PEOPLE, AVIAMOST, photographer EKATERINA SOKOLOV @sokolova.e.katerina

Your children will be able to join the project and take part in this vibrant international project, the purpose of which is to develop creative skills, identify and support young talents.

Let the WORLD see your child’s drawing!

Follow the news on the website and social networks of the project.

“We are the World” international children’s drawing exhibitions and competitions occur in different countries under the patronage of the Association for Cultural Diplomacy “We are the World”.

Since 2018, more than 5,000 works from 37 countries have participated in the exhibitions.

Representative offices: France, USA, UK, Israël, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates.

Project objective: to attract and support young talents, bring them together in a creative event, where they can express themselves, share their vision of the world their dreams and attract the attention of the public. This project also aims to strengthen intercultural links between countries through the arts.

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The “We are the World” project’s founder and president of the Association for Cultural Diplomacy, Stéphanie Gaspard, is convinced that “today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow”. They need to be supported and to create favourable conditions for creativity.

International children’s drawing exhibitions/competitions take place in prestigious venues such as:

  • the Carrousel du Louvre (Paris / France)
  • the Astronautical Museum
  • the Christiane Peugeot Cultural Center (Paris/France).

Events are supported by:

• the town halls of the cities/countries participating in the project

• patrons and cultural figures with the support of the media

• public bodies (Diplomats of the future, Fund for the memory of diplomat A. Karlov, diplomatic communities, etc.)

Does your child like to paint or draw ?

What if their drawing took part in a large international project and exhibited in Paris, Los Angeles or London?

Today you have this unique opportunity !

We invite you to participate in the “We are the World” exhibitions:

• United States, Los Angeles (May 26)

• United Kingdom, London

• United Arab Emirates, Dubai (October)

• France, Paris (December)

The theme of the 2022 exhibitions is “The symbols of your country” (historical figures, architectural monuments, cultural heritage).

The media actively cover each exhibition of children’s drawings, and the jury includes renowned artists and architects.

We invite you to participate in the drawing competition held in March in Los Angeles and submit your drawing on the theme “Cultural symbols of your country.”

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