About us !

In the photo: President of the International Association for Cultural Diplomacy We are the World events Stephanie Gaspard


We are the World is an international exhibition of children’s drawings, organized for the first time in Paris in 2018 by the International Association of Cultural Diplomacy “We are the World events”.

“We live in a world that we create ourselves with our thoughts, dreams, emotions and actions !

We are the World!”

Stephanie Gaspard

From this concept, our project was born, which since 2018 has already united the works of young artists from more than 50 different countries. The age of our participants is from 5 to 17 years (3 age categories) and students.
We believe that today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow!
That is why we strive to support children’s creativity in every possible way and provide a unique opportunity to exhibit their work in prestigious halls around the world.

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Exhibition in Minsk in April 2021

Every child is talented in their own way.
Our goal is to support as many children around the world as possible and give them the opportunity to unleash their creativity.
That is why we actively cooperate with art-schools, art studios around the world and social centers.
International exhibitions We are the World is a non-commercial project, therefore all funds received from our participants, partners and patrons go to the development of the project, attracting new countries to expand the geography of our events.

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International exhibition We are the World at the world famous Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, FRANCE

The organization of each international exhibition, drawing competition is a complex and time-consuming process, which takes a huge amount of effort, energy, knowledge, expertise and time.
We work exclusively with highly qualified specialists from different countries, whose knowledge and skills allow us to turn a dreams into reality!

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The theme of 2022 – “Cultural symbols of your country” (historical figures, architectural monuments, etc.) is educational by definition and will help you to get to know the history and symbols of your country, as well as get acquainted with the cultural heritage of other countries of the world.
The international project We are the World has offices in different countries.

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International exhibition We are the World at the State Palace of Children and Youth.

Our international team :

Stéphanie Gaspard, founder of the project and president of the cultural diplomacy association We are the World events, Paris (France)

Anastasia Frolov (Secretary of We Are the World Association), Paris (France)

Elena Fedorchuk (official representative in Russia)

Karine Danielyan (official representative of exhibitions in Great Britain)

Darian James (official representative in the United States)

Chen Kai Liao (official representative in Taiwan)

Ardak Mukhamadiyeva (official representative in Kazakhstan)

Jefferson Lim (official representative in Malaysia)

Inna Khan (official representative in Uzbekistan)

Amina Leelo Veevo (official representative in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia)

World Art Dubai (official partner in the UAE, Dubai)

Our Partners :