Right of publication

Annex 2 - Publication right contract
The WE ARE THE WORLD EVENTS association has been organizing international exhibitions of children's drawings since 2018.
The Parties
A. Author - Signatory of Annex 1 - Entry form, and of the pieces submitted to the competition, hereinafter referred to as the Work;
B. Online publisher on the site dedicated to the exhibition - the association WE ARE THE WORLD EVENTS, hereinafter referred to as – publisher
Purpose of the agreement
The author, in his own name or his legal representative, gives his consent and guarantees the publisher the non-exclusive rights to make the Work accessible to the general public through a free access network in electronic format to ensure maximum distribution of the work of the author.
Author's obligations
The author guarantees the publisher the following:
• The work is not falsified, processed electronically, does not contain any recordings infringing the privacy of anyone.
• The work does not violate copyright and property rights, public law or any regulation of the law, and does not contain any material with defamatory content.
• The work is not part of the public domain and the author is the full owner of the copyright, with full powers to enter into this contract.
• If the work has already been published in whole or in part, the author owns all copyright in that work and is authorized by law to enter into this contract.
• The Author releases the Supplier from any liability concerning any legal act resulting from the content of the Work or of the Author.
Publisher's obligations
The Publisher will provide online access to the work but makes no warranty regarding the benefits or services it provides to the Author of the work or regarding the performance, functionality, quality or availability of publishing platforms or applications.
Compensation (Rewards)
The Publisher will not compensate the Author for the use of the Work. The two parties will not demand any payment or compensation for the online use of the Work, nor for the printed copies of the Work to be made by the Publisher for the promotion of the Author and the Work.
The copyright in the Work is reserved to the Author. The supplier has the right to change the format or copy the document for publication online. The Supplier has the right to distribute the Work in electronic format via the online publication service throughout this contract. The duration of the contract is valid until its termination by one of the parties.
Cancellation or termination of the contract
The Publisher may cancel the contract with immediate effect if the Author has provided erroneous or incomplete / misleading information in relation to the "Obligations of the author" clause. Cancellation of the contract will not release the Author from his liability or liability for damages. The Author may request termination of the contract in writing, in which case the contract will be terminated one month after the submission of the written request. After termination of the contract, the Supplier will remove the Work from the online environment. If the cancellation of the contract is due to the breach of the contract by the Author, he is responsible for indemnifying the Supplier for all direct costs and damages caused to the Supplier by terminating the contract.
Both parties have the right to terminate the contract if compliance with the contractual conditions becomes impossible in the event of force majeure. By force majeure we mean unusual and relevant events occurring after the signing of the contract and preventing compliance with the contract, which could not be foreseen by the parties at the time of signing the contract, which are independent of the two parties, and whose effects preventative measures cannot be removed without excessive additional costs or undue waste of time.

Settlement of disputes
Disputes resulting from the interpretation of this contract will only be settled out of court.
Final clauses
This contract is valid from the date of registration.