Exhibition Regulations

Article 1 : Object of the exhibition 
The We are the World events association offers children the opportunity to participate in the international drawing exhibition. It is open year round. The program, theme and registration dates are stipulated in the specific conditions of each exhibition. Our aim is to stimulate and enhance the talent of young artists, to promote intercultural dialogue, to establish relationships between competitors through which they can later develop joint projects, to increase the degree of children's involvement in the cultural and personal development activities and to initiate them into current global issues. 

Article 2 : Participants
The drawing competition is open to children aged 5 to 17, regardless of nationality, race, sex or religion and who meet all the conditions provided for by these regulations and special conditions of the exhibition. It is aimed at children individually and art schools collectively. 

Article 3 : Terms of participation 
The contestant must send their drawing to contact@wearetheworldevents.com in good quality in jpg, pdf, png format maximum (6 M)
Each drawing must be a personal creation, signed by the artist. Competitors are prohibited from submitting works / videos for which they do not hold copyright in accordance with the Copyright Code and neighboring rights. In this regard, participants are responsible for the authenticity and originality of the work / video recording. The Association will not consider works / videos that infringe, in any way, the Copyright Act or other French laws in force on the date of the exhibition. The works / videos sent under the conditions of these Rules, will be accompanied, compulsory, by a completed, dated and signed Registration Form.  The drawing must be made on A3 format paper. All manual techniques are accepted: watercolor, felt-tip pen, pencil, collage etc. Only one drawing per child is allowed. 

Article 4 : Routing of drawings
The drawing and the entry form must be sent or dropped off unfolded by post to the following address:
An acknowledgment of receipt will be provided upon receipt of the drawing. The drawings received will be divided, according to the age of the participants in one of the following categories: Category 1: 5 to 9 years old Category 2: 10 to 13 years old Category 3: 14 to 17 years old 

Article 5 : Copyright
By signing the participation form, each child authorizes the use of his drawing, certifies that he owns the copyright of the drawing and that he authorizes the organizer to reproduce it and use it for free in any medium. awareness raising and communication of the association (website, Facebook, greeting card and other publications). 

Article 6 : Designation of winners 
The members of the jury will independently judge each of the drawings received according to the following criteria: - Relevance to the theme - Application - Originality The winning designs will be those who have obtained the highest marks within their category. In the event of a tie, the jury will decide to decide between the winners. The jury is sovereign. No complaints will be accepted. 

Article 7 : Participation fees
 Standard 45€
 • The participant sends us a drawing by e-mail
 • We print the picture in A3 format
 • Participation in only one exhibition, with the exception of laureates, whose works will take part in subsequent exhibitions of the current year
 • Each participant receives an international diploma of this exhibition
 GOLD €130
 • Sending a drawing by email
 • A printout in A3 format.
 • Participation in this exhibition and in all exhibitions of the current year
 • Obtaining a diploma from each exhibition
 •Obtaining a personal certificate/letter of thanks
 • Publication of work with information on the website or in social networks.
Article 8 : Method of payment
The participation fees are paid via the registration form. Upon receipt of the form, after validation, you will receive an invoice to pay.
For "GOLD Participation", contact us by email at wearetheworldevents@gmail.com

Article 9 : Lots 
Four prizes will be awarded at the end of the drawing competition, one in each of the participants' age categories. The prizes awarded to the winners cannot be negotiated or exchanged for value by the organizer. Each artist receives the participation diploma and the exhibition diploma. 
Article 10 : Non-return 
Drawings will not be returned to participants.
Article 11 : Acceptance of the rules 
The simple fact of participating in this competition implies full and unreserved acceptance of these rules and their results. Payment can be sent by email on request. It is also downloadable from the association's website. 
Article 12 : Liability
The association cannot be held responsible if, for reasons beyond its control or for lack of participants, the competition should be postponed, modified or canceled. 
Article 13 : Modification of the regulations 
The organizer may have to modify these regulations, in particular in order to comply with any new applicable legislation and / or regulations. Any modification will be incorporated into these regulations. 

Article 14 : Personal data 
The association ensures that no personal information is requested from applicants if it is not truly useful in considering their application. The legal representatives of the artists accept that the personal data of their children are subject to computer processing by the association under the GDPR law on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. In the registration form, applicants are asked to expressly agree to the computer processing of this data by checking the acceptance box.

The legal representatives of the artists agree that their personal information will be communicated to third parties within the framework of the application of the law or for the normal organization of the exhibition. Artists are free at any time to request to delete or modify their personal data. 

Special conditions of the international exhibition of children's drawings 
Theme for the year 2021: COSMOS dedicated to the 60th anniversary of man's first flight in space. 

Exhibition in Moscow Participation in the exhibition in Moscow edition II 
Registration deadline October 2021 Exhibition date :
November 2021. 
Hall : Cosmonaut Museum

Exhibition in Paris Participation in the exhibition in Paris 
Registration deadline December 2021 Exhibition date : December 2021. 
Hall: Carrousel de Louvre