Our ambassador in United Arab Emirates

Dear Friends !

Let me introduce you our Ambassador in United Arab Emirates Lilia Grebneva.

    Lilia Grebneva is an Architect-Designer, self-driven and successful entrepreneur. 

Previously, Lilia managed Interior Design Studio in Dubai, she was Member of Interior Design Advisory Board and Jury panel member of the Senior Projects reviews at the American University in Dubai; and currently, Founder of ArchiHub, where she diverts her passion for design into education for Young Architects. 

Design-addicted and experienced Lilia takes young explorers behind the scenes of demystify modern architectural pieces and presents how to translate, interpret, and adapt shapes and themes into own design.

Her superior mentoring and motivational skills coming together with professional knowledge and expertise give a unique possibility for young generation to discover the magical world of architectural design. Lilia believes that design has so much to offer, which is yet to be delivered in due fairness – it involves emotions and environmental harmony. 

Currently based in Dubai, a city of modern architectural wonders, Lilia is inspired by its incredible vision and ingenious feats of style and design – from the world’s tallest tower to the space-age structures.

The future of this planet is in the hands of our kids:

  • Their consciousness knows no boundaries. 
  • Their curiosity is like the universe.
  • Their imagination is endless!

By helping young explorers to understand the power of creativity , we make our way to a brighter future.