• Darian, our representative in US

    Dear friends !
    Let me introduce you official representative of the association of cultural diplomacy and the exhibitions We are the World in the USA Darian James. 

    Darian is a Caribbean native now living in Los Angeles. He has a current profession as Director of Catering at the Sofitel Los Angeles. Darian, is known for his contribution in the community and giving back to others. 

    I’m proud to be a part of We Are The World as their mission to showcase and keep children’s art from around the world alive is making a huge impact on their lives.

  • Edward’s smile

    Edward has had a passion for art since he held his first crayon at age two. 

    He uses his paintings to show his love for nature, he also uses them to facilitate general awareness on his cultural heritage. 

    He lives in Irvine California. When he is not painting, you may find him biking around his neibourhood 

    or playing basketball with his buddies.

  • Our ambassador in United Arab Emirates

    Dear Friends !

    Let me introduce you our Ambassador in United Arab Emirates Lilia Grebneva.

        Lilia Grebneva is an Architect-Designer, self-driven and successful entrepreneur. 

    Previously, Lilia managed Interior Design Studio in Dubai, she was Member of Interior Design Advisory Board and Jury panel member of the Senior Projects reviews at the American University in Dubai; and currently, Founder of ArchiHub, where she diverts her passion for design into education for Young Architects. 

    Design-addicted and experienced Lilia takes young explorers behind the scenes of demystify modern architectural pieces and presents how to translate, interpret, and adapt shapes and themes into own design.

    Her superior mentoring and motivational skills coming together with professional knowledge and expertise give a unique possibility for young generation to discover the magical world of architectural design. Lilia believes that design has so much to offer, which is yet to be delivered in due fairness – it involves emotions and environmental harmony. 

    Currently based in Dubai, a city of modern architectural wonders, Lilia is inspired by its incredible vision and ingenious feats of style and design – from the world’s tallest tower to the space-age structures.

    The future of this planet is in the hands of our kids:

    • Their consciousness knows no boundaries. 
    • Their curiosity is like the universe.
    • Their imagination is endless!

    By helping young explorers to understand the power of creativity , we make our way to a brighter future. 

  • Testimony of Lyuba

    Hello, my name is Lyuba Shusterovich. 

    I will soon be 11 years old. I was born in St. Petersburg, and now I live in Israel and the city of Haifa.

    My family and I often traveled to Thailand. I really like it there.

    We lived on the small island of Li Pe, where there were many lotuses, and behind our house was a small Buddha temple. 

    I used to go there often because I liked it there. I even helped the Buddhist monks clean the temple. I especially liked the Buddha statue. 

    When I thought about what I want to draw for the competition, the face of the Buddha appeared before my eyes.

    I remembered the colors of the island, moods, smells. And I put it on paper. Here is my painting “Joy of the Buddha”.

  • Graduation ceremony in Haifa 2022

    On February 2, 2022 in Haifa (Israel) a graduation ceremony took place for the children participating in the We Are The World exhibitions in Moscow and Paris 2021 in the presence of the Consul General of the Russian Embassy in Israel, Igor POPOV as well as the leader of the Russian House in Israel, Denis Paromchuk, the representatives of the Haifa city hall and the Israeli deputies.

    This event took place in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

    We thank the official representative of We Are The World Events in Israel Nina Lapshov.

    Soon, the children who participated in our 2021 exhibitions will be received at the Haifa Museum of Art.

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  • Happy New Year 2022 !

    We Are The World Events wish all children around the world and their parents a Happy New Year 2022 made of health, prosperity and dreams come true!