• The winners of the London exhibition

    Pei Fu Zhao

    Pei Fu Zhao, 12 years old. or Australia. The winner of the international children’s drawing competition We are the World in London in the age category of 10-13 years. At the age of 5, he began his artistic career; beyond art, he also loves the philosophy, ethics and design of the future. He enjoys golf, fencing and rowing.

    Alua Amantai

    The winner of the We are the World international competition in London in the 14-17 age category, Alua Amantai from Kazakhstan. Alua presented her living painting at the exhibition, which caught the attention of the jury and the London public. The plot, the technique of performing the work, the composition and the color solution are harmoniously reflected in the painting of Alua. We congratulate you on your victory and wish you creative success and further global victories!

  • London 2023 / Participant’s List

    ABIGAIL CHAI JIA XIN11 ansMalaysia
    Adel Nazarchuk13 ansUnited Kingdom
    AERIN TEE YING XING13 ansMalaysia
    Aidana Tassanbayeva15 ansKazakhstan
    AKASH S/O VIJAYANNAND8 ansMalaysia
    Albert Zheng6 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    Alethea Woon  9 ansSingapore
    Alex Soloveychik11 ansUnited Kingdom
    Alexandra Jiang6 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    Alexandra Lataeva10 ansRussia
    Alimzhan Arailym11 ansKazakhstan
    ALLY KENG XIN YEE10 ansMalaysia
    Alua Amantai14 ansKazakhstan
    Amritha D/O Gopalakrishnan 11 ansSingapore
    Ana Clara Kumm10 ansCanada
    Anastasia Lobaciova13 ansFrance
    Anastasiia Abramova9 ansRussia
    Anastasiya Parhomenko14 ansKazakhstan
    ANG YI XING12 ansMalaysia
    ANGELINA SHEK15 ansKazakhstan
    Anna Michelle Tamarova12 ansUnited Kingdom
    ANNICE KEW YU XUAN12 ansMalaysia
    ANYA HOO AUN EE11 ansMalaysia
    ANYA TUNG WEN XIN7 ansMalaysia
    Aruzhan Makhmetova14 ansKazakhstan
    Audrey Chiang  14 ansSingapore
    AURELLYA HIRAWAN12 ansIndonesia
    Ayazhan Sattar10 ansKazakhstan
    BERNICE LEE ERN QI5 ansMalaysia
    BOO YU DA7 ansMalaysia
    BOWIE CHU BEI ZHENG12 ansMalaysia
    Bridget Huang7 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    CHAN WEN SAN11 ansMalaysia
    CHAY JIA HIN11 ansMalaysia
    CHENG WEI HERNG12 ansMalaysia
    CHIA KAI XUAN13 ansMalaysia
    CHIA YUCERN13 ansMalaysia
    CHIN ZEN XI11 ansMalaysia
    Chloe Li9 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    CHLOEE NG JING LING11 ansMalaysia
    CHONG YING XIN10 ansMalaysia
    Chuyao Luo15 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    CONSTANCE LEE YI LENG12 ansMalaysia
    Daniel Terentiev9 ansUnited Kingdom
    Daniella Vardanyan6 ansUnited Kingdom
    Dareen Wong  15 ansSingapore
    Daria Protopopova13 ansUnited Kingdom
    Daria Terentieva6 ansUnited Kingdom
    Daria Veres9 ansFrance
    Darrell Vardanyan11 ansUnited Kingdom
    Dasha Du Pont10 ansUnited Kingdom
    David Podorozhko10 ansKazakhstan
    Dayana Dusenova15 ansKazakhstan
    Dinuda Randira Pelawatta 10 ansSingapore
    DIONG CHENG XEE11 ansMalaysia
    Dora Yao8 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    Elayna David10 ansUnited Kingdom
    Elise Quah  11 ansSingapore
    Elizabeth Kokashvili5 ansUnited Kingdom
    elizabeth kruglykhina9 ansUnited Kingdom
    ELLA CHAN YEE JING10 ansMalaysia
    ELYSIA IONA THO9 ansIndonesia
    Emilia KALNIKAITE14 ansUnited Kingdom
    Emilia Paulauskaite11 ansUnited Kingdom
    Ethan Chen Yiheng 5 ansSingapore
    Ethan Yu5 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    Eugene Chia Jun Xiang8 ansSingapore
    Evgeniya Logvinova15 ansRussia
    George Chenglin Yu 8 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    GLADYS PHOON XIN YI8 ansMalaysia
    HALEY CHAT RU EN9 ansMalaysia
    HAO HANFEI  4 ansSingapore
    HEE KAR SOON9 ansMalaysia
    HENG JIA HUI11 ansMalaysia
    Hong Hua Tan 14 ansSingapore
    ILYSSA LIM ERN THONG8 ansMalaysia
    ISABEL WONG JEAN THONG10 ansMalaysia
    JACKLY NG ZI YEAN9 ansMalaysia
    Jade Wong  7 ansSingapore
    JASON MAXIMILIAN DJIE10 ansIndonesia
    Jayden Wei6 ansFrance
    Jaymee Phua Jia Xuan14 ansSingapore
    JAZNIE CHEN HAU WEI10 ansMalaysia
    JEANNE ROSARY SJURIAH12 ansIndonesia
    JOELLE KIU YEE ROU10 ansMalaysia
    JOEN SII6 ansMalaysia
    JOSHREN YAK SONG REN10 ansMalaysia
    JOSHUA YEE YUN AN12 ansMalaysia
    JOSLENE YEE YUN EN8 ansMalaysia
    KAMILA AVGAMBAEVA12 ansKazakhstan
    Karim Makhmudov9 ansRussia
    KAYLEE CHEN YUNG ROU9 ansMalaysia
    Kirill Delveaux10 ansBelgium
    Kirsten Woo  14 ansSingapore
    KONG YING LIANG11 ansMalaysia
    KOO YAN LING8 ansMalaysia
    LEE EE JEEN8 ansMalaysia
    LEE KAI ERN12 ansMalaysia
    Leila Makasheva16 ansKazakhstan
    LEWIS KEH CHENG XI11 ansMalaysia
    LIANG XIAO HUI12 ansMalaysia
    Liew Jing Yao Cady10 ansSingapore
    LIEW YU SHAN11 ansMalaysia
    Lilly Urban6 ansUnited Kingdom
    LIM EE HAO9 ansMalaysia
    LIM JUNE ANNE10 ansMalaysia
    Lin ZiXuan  9 ansChina
    Lincoln Gan Tian En11 ansSingapore
    Lisa Zadourian10 ansFrance
    LO QIAO EN9 ansMalaysia
    LOO WEI ER10 ansMalaysia
    Louie Chen  9 ansChina
    LOW RUI TING8 ansMalaysia
    Ludmila Bagdasarova8 ansRussia
    Luiza CHAKHALIANTS13 ansIreland
    Luna shen8 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    MAH YEE CHING9 ansMalaysia
    Mandy Zhang  11 ansSingapore
    Margarita Shitova11 ansRussia
    Maria Kapteinis13 ansUnited Kingdom
    Maria Lychagina8 ansUnited Kingdom
    Mariya Bagdasarova11 ansRussia
    Mariya Lataeva7 ansRussia
    Mariya Porakh12 ansBelarus
    MARIYA YEGOROVA11 ansKazakhstan
    Maryia Tsiushkevich9 ansBelarus
    Matilda Czajka8 ansUnited Kingdom
    Maximilien AUZANNEAU8 ansFrance
    MELINA XUAN TONG YAP11 ansMalaysia
    Melody Yue6 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    MERRILYN CHLOE NG9 ansIndonesia
    MILANA SUNDETHAN10 ansKazakhstan
    MOK YU SUM11 ansMalaysia
    NG EXUAN10 ansMalaysia
    NG YIK HOW10 ansMalaysia
    NG YIK QINN9 ansMalaysia
    NICOLE CHIN JING HAN9 ansMalaysia
    Nikita   14 ansIndonesia
    Nikole Ribinska11 ansUnited Kingdom
    Nozanin Khakimova11 ansKazakhstan
    ONG PEI YEE11 ansMalaysia
    OSCAR THIEN YU CHEN10 ansMalaysia
    PEE TZE YAO12 ansMalaysia
    Pei Fu Zhao12 ansAustralia
    Polina Tsukanova10 ansRussia
    RACHEL WANG8 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    SCARLETT NG7 ansMalaysia
    SEE EVE WOEY10 ansMalaysia
    SEE YAN BIN10 ansMalaysia
    SEOW YU XUAN10 ansMalaysia
    Shairee Chopra7 ansUnited Kingdom
    Sofia Kuznetsova15 ansRussia
    Sofiya YUSHCHENKO10 ansUnited Kingdom
    Soh Min Yi Andrea11 ansSingapore
    SONG JUN YI5 ansMalaysia
    SOO JUN YU11 ansMalaysia
    sophia kruglykhina12 ansUnited Kingdom
    Steven Li8 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    TAMMY FOO XIAO QI11 ansMalaysia
    TAN MING YUL9 ansMalaysia
    TAN SHU HE10 ansMalaysia
    TAN VINCY10 ansMalaysia
    TAN YAN JEAN9 ansMalaysia
    TAN ZHI SHIN8 ansMalaysia
    TANG JIA WEI13 ansMalaysia
    Tang Shu Han Clarisse14 ansSingapore
    Tatyana Serdyuk10 ansRussia
    TEE JIA HUI6 ansMalaysia
    TEE JIA LING13 ansMalaysia
    TEE ZHI LING12 ansMalaysia
    TEE ZHI XEAN10 ansMalaysia
    TERENCE KUA YU BIN12 ansMalaysia
    TERRY TEH WEI TENG8 ansMalaysia
    THEODORA FUNK NUO QING10 ansMalaysia
    TIFFANY LEE YUK KIN9 ansMalaysia
    TIFFANY WONG YU ENG10 ansMalaysia
    URSULA GRATIAS WIJAYA11 ansIndonesia
    Vasilina Serdyuk12 ansRussia
    VERLYN TEOH YUN XIN9 ansMalaysia
    Veronika Abramova7 ansRussia
    Vivian Huynh7 ansUnited Kingdom
    Vivian Huynh7 ansUnited Kingdom
    Vivian Huynh7 ansUnited Kingdom
    VRITIKA KATHIRAVAN10 ansMalaysia
    Wang Peng Yun 9 ansTaiwan
    william xu zhou9 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    Wong HaoXuan  8,5 ansSingapore
    WONG KENG HAO10 ansMalaysia
    WONG KENG HENG12 ansMalaysia
    WONG YEN HAN13 ansMalaysia
    WONG ZHEN ZE8 ansMalaysia
    WONG ZI QING9 ansMalaysia
    WYNN TEH10 ansMalaysia
    XENA TAN XIN TIEN11 ansMalaysia
    YE ZICHUN  10 ansChina
    Yeva Akhalmossulishvili10 ansKazakhstan
    Yicheng Deng11 ansAustralia
    Yiran Wang15 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    Yizhen Xu15 ansUnited States of America (USA)
    Yvette Ho  12 ansSingapore
    Zhang Zi Ling 11 ansSingapore
    Zhuo Xuan Ting 6 ansSingapore
    Zoe Huynh8 ansUnited Kingdom
  • Hong Kong present in Astana

    A short video of Jain, proud to have participated in the We Are The World exhibition in Astana (Kazakhstan) and to have thus represented Hong Kong, his country.

  • A hello from our judges in Kazakhstan

    Renat Elubaev

    Renat Elubaev, Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, Kines record holder.

    Born in the city of Arkalyk on September 18, 1982.

    He studied art school and graduated from the Arkalyk State Institute of Arts with honors.

    2010 – Laureate of the International Competition SHABYT

    2014 personal exhibition at the Museum of the First President

    2015 – 3rd place in the International Competition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Astana

    2015 – Grand Prix in Belarus – International Art Olympiad in the category of painting.

    2015 – personal exhibition in the city of Gansovich, Belarus,

    2015 – Gold medal winner at the International Exhibition in America

    2017 – Exhibition in St. Petersburg

    2017 – personal exhibition in the city of Omsk

    2017 Personal exhibition in Omsk

    2018 Personal exhibition at the Museum of the First President

    2018 – Finalist of the International Competition “Amazing People” of the Russian TV channel 1

    2019 – KINES record holder

    2019 – participant of the International Symposium of Artists in Cyprus.

    2019- I-place in the Republican competition among artists in the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    2019 – Awarded the Manyakin medal of the Omsk region of the Russian Federation

    2021 – Laureate of the II International Talent Competition Event arena Moscow

    2021 – laureate of the International Festival of Symbolic Art dZenArt. St. Petersburg

    2021 – Laureate of the International Competition “Diamond Duke” named after De Richelieu Odessa

    2021 – Laureate of the International Water World Competition. Moscow

    2021 – Laureate of the International Competition Italy

    2021 – 1st place in the Golden Time Talent International Competition. Great Britain

    2021- Participant of the exhibition By the river bank. Omsk.

    2021 – Diploma winner named after K. Korovin Russian Art Prize, Moscow

    2021- Master class and exhibition in the Russian Federation, Omsk.

    2022 – master class at the Kazakh pavilion at EXPO in Dubai



    Born in Castello in 1978. From a young age, he showed great interest in drawing, which led him back in his lyceum years to creating comics, illustrations and participating in the creation of animated films.

    Passionate about art, games, philosophy, theology and metaphysics, he worked as an illustrator at the Inklink studio and as a teacher at the International School of Comics; in 2011, he embarked on a new creative path, starting to study ancient and modern painting techniques at the Ad’A school, where he teaches anatomical, dynamic drawing and perspective.

    The unchanging themes of Andrea Bacalini’s work are “myth” and “metaphysics”. The language of art has a personal character, and it is always in the process of becoming, during which the ancient painting techniques and means of expression


    1997/2000 International School of Comics, Florence: Professional Diploma. Three-year course in the production and sale of comics and illustrations

    Diploma with the highest score

    2007 Refresher courses in comics drawing, graphic arts, character design for animated films at Annecy International Animation Fair (2005-2007) and Angouleme International Comic and Illustration Fair

    2010/2011 Art Academy Ad’A, Florence: course in ancient techniques in the visual arts

    2020/- University of Florence – Course in Psychological Sciences and Techniques


    2007 Nerbini Prize in the category “young pencil”

    2014/2015 Immagin-Arci Painting Competition, Fiesole:

    – 2014 Special Critics’ Award for Narcissus and Echo

    – 2015 Third prize for the work “Herodias”

    – 2018 First Prize for the work “Erato”

    2017 Linx Prize 2017: special prize for critics and organizers as representative of Tuscany at the International Salon

    2018 Kevo Prize of the Second Degree in the section “Painting”


    2004/2011 InkLink Graphic Arts Studio, Florence Creation of a series of illustrations for the publishing houses DeAgostini, Mondadori, Giunti, Dorling, Kingsley, etc., as well as for museum expositions (Roman Forum Museum, Food Museum in Florence, National Museum of Oman, Museo Valle di Pietra, National Museum of Malta, Hierapolis Museum (Turkey) and for many other museums in Tuscany and various Italian cities

    2000/2013 International School of Comics, Florence: teacher of artistic anatomy and academic drawing in illustration, animation and comics. 2011/2012/2013 teacher at the Master of Illustration course

    2001/2022 freelance illustrator for publishers and trade brands (Prada – visual design, UNICEF – brochures), for entertainment publications

    2013/2020 Ad’A Academy of Arts, Florence: teacher of dynamic drawing (anatomy in motion and perspective), personal art tutor

    2000/2013 Ecole Internationale de la Bande Dessinée, Florence : professeur d’anatomie artistique et de dessin académique en illustration, animation et bande dessinée. 2011/2012/2013 enseignant au Master d’Illustration

    2001/2022 illustrateur indépendant pour des éditeurs et des marques (Prada – design visuel, UNICEF – brochures), pour des publications de divertissement

    2013/2020 Ad’A Academy of Arts, Florence : professeur de dessin dynamique (anatomie en mouvement et perspective), tuteur personnel en art

  • Launch of the We are the world gallery

    News !

    At the end of September, We are the World launches an online gallery, where, along with professional artists, the works of our exhibition laureates will be presented.

    Our goal is to create for our children a solid base of merits and achievements, which will subsequently play a role for admission to a university, and will also contribute to the formation of personality.

  • Darian, our representative in US

    Dear friends !
    Let me introduce you official representative of the association of cultural diplomacy and the exhibitions We are the World in the USA Darian James. 

    Darian is a Caribbean native now living in Los Angeles. He has a current profession as Director of Catering at the Sofitel Los Angeles. Darian, is known for his contribution in the community and giving back to others. 

    I’m proud to be a part of We Are The World as their mission to showcase and keep children’s art from around the world alive is making a huge impact on their lives.

  • Edward’s smile

    Edward has had a passion for art since he held his first crayon at age two. 

    He uses his paintings to show his love for nature, he also uses them to facilitate general awareness on his cultural heritage. 

    He lives in Irvine California. When he is not painting, you may find him biking around his neibourhood 

    or playing basketball with his buddies.

  • Our ambassador in United Arab Emirates

    Dear Friends !

    Let me introduce you our Ambassador in United Arab Emirates Lilia Grebneva.

        Lilia Grebneva is an Architect-Designer, self-driven and successful entrepreneur. 

    Previously, Lilia managed Interior Design Studio in Dubai, she was Member of Interior Design Advisory Board and Jury panel member of the Senior Projects reviews at the American University in Dubai; and currently, Founder of ArchiHub, where she diverts her passion for design into education for Young Architects. 

    Design-addicted and experienced Lilia takes young explorers behind the scenes of demystify modern architectural pieces and presents how to translate, interpret, and adapt shapes and themes into own design.

    Her superior mentoring and motivational skills coming together with professional knowledge and expertise give a unique possibility for young generation to discover the magical world of architectural design. Lilia believes that design has so much to offer, which is yet to be delivered in due fairness – it involves emotions and environmental harmony. 

    Currently based in Dubai, a city of modern architectural wonders, Lilia is inspired by its incredible vision and ingenious feats of style and design – from the world’s tallest tower to the space-age structures.

    The future of this planet is in the hands of our kids:

    • Their consciousness knows no boundaries. 
    • Their curiosity is like the universe.
    • Their imagination is endless!

    By helping young explorers to understand the power of creativity , we make our way to a brighter future. 

  • Testimony of Lyuba

    Hello, my name is Lyuba Shusterovich. 

    I will soon be 11 years old. I was born in St. Petersburg, and now I live in Israel and the city of Haifa.

    My family and I often traveled to Thailand. I really like it there.

    We lived on the small island of Li Pe, where there were many lotuses, and behind our house was a small Buddha temple. 

    I used to go there often because I liked it there. I even helped the Buddhist monks clean the temple. I especially liked the Buddha statue. 

    When I thought about what I want to draw for the competition, the face of the Buddha appeared before my eyes.

    I remembered the colors of the island, moods, smells. And I put it on paper. Here is my painting “Joy of the Buddha”.